Mimosa Omnidirectional Access Point 4x4:4 802.11ac Mu-Mimo 5Ghz, with 14dBi antenna.

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Data sheet

Mounting TypeOn pole/wall
Environment workOutdoor
Antenna gain (dBi)14
Radiation typeOmnidiretional
Frequency bands5GHz
Antenna typeEnclosure Antenna
RF Connectors TypeCopper (RJ45)
Gigabit Ethernet ports1
Integrated wireless cardYes
Wireless standards802.11ac
Chain number4x4:4
PoE in802.3af
Dimensions321 x 42 mm
IP protectionIP67
Output power (dBm)30
Peso1.75 kg

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Mimosa’s A5is not your typical Omni access point, it redefines LOS and NLOS deployment for urban and suburban environments. The Mimosa access points with super high capacity (250+ clients!) and advanced interference reduction techniques to enable service in high-density markets where wireless never worked before - changing the way consumers connect forever.

Directionality and Multi-User MIMO

The Mimosa A5 access point is one of the first unlicensed radios to offer Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) capabilities. MU-MIMO is a feature that enables simultaneous downlink transmission to multiple clients at once (CPE or mobile device). The A5 leverages directionality technology to achieve MU-MIMO. The Mimosa A5 has 4 sets of antennas, each located on a different side of the radio. These antennas form 4 distinct antenna patterns, all projected in different directions (though there is some overlap). When clients lie on different sides of the radio and reside in non-overlapping portions of the antenna patterns, the radio can “see” both clients and know that their transmissions would not interfere with one another. This allows the AP to service both clients at once, in essence, multiplying spectrum as well as increasing throughput and capacity of the access point.

Why Sacrifice? Use Wi-Fi and TDMA

Use the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Hotspot features to connect with nearby smart devices.
In 5 GHz, the radio can be configured to either run traditional Wi-Fi or TDMA for fixed access mode. The A5 antenna has been optimized for long-distance transmission and can further improve performance by using the TDMA protocol. For additional enhancement, client request-based adaptable timeslots manage upstream scheduling, to minimize wasted slots.

Network-Wide Synchronization

Integrated GPS + GLONASS for incredible network efficiency and spectrum re-use.

Dedicated Network Processing.

Managing subscriber services and Internet applications as traffic flows through a network is typically very costly and time-consuming. But without these capabilities, a subscriber’s bandwidth experience can suffer at peak hours.

Mimosa incorporated state-of-the-art cloud-controlled network processing into all of our access points for improved performance network-wide.

  • Subscriber-level service enforcement and networking features allow the AP to easily scale as the network grows.
  • QoS and advanced L3/L4 application-based traffic management for an unmatched individual subscriber user experience.
  • SDN capabilities to reroute traffic when upstream network outages occur.
  • Future Proof: Ability to support protocols for carrier Wi-Fi offloading so you are ready to add next-generation revenue opportunities.

Built to Last

The entire A5 system boasts an outdoor ingress protection IP67 rating to secure your device against any leakage from the environment. The product also features lightning and ESD protection and can operate in an incredibly broad range of temperatures (-40º to +55º C).

Key features:


  • Max Throughput: Up to 1.0 Gbps IP (1.7 Gbps PHY)
  • Client Capacity: 256+ Clients
  • Low Latency: 8 ms
  • Wireless Protocols:  WiFi (RTS/CTS); Mimosa Flexible TDMA


  • MIMO & Modulation: 4x4:4 MIMO OFDM up to 256QAM (802.11ac)
  • Bandwidth: 20/40/80 MHz channels tunable in 5 MHz increments
  • Frequency Range: 4900-6000 MHz restricted by country of operation


  • Gigabit Ethernet: 10/100/1000BASE-T
  • MU MIMO: Device leverages directionality to transmit to multiple clients simultaneously
  • Synchronization: GPS + GLONASS allows for networkwide sync and interference avoidance
  • TDMA Mode: Optional TDMA protocol for increased network efficiency
  • Management Services: Mimosa cloud monitoring and management, Web UI, 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n radio for local management access


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