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Reyee is the SME sub-brand launched by Ruijie in 2014, with the aim of simplifying the network and making it easier for small system integrators/installers .
Reyee is the SMB sub-brand launched by Ruijie in 2014 and includes 4 main product lines: switches, routers, wireless, and home products. The goal of the brand is to simplify the network and make it easier for small system integrators/installers.
The Ruijie Cloud app for Reyee products, available for Android, IoS and Windows provides users with services for the entire application cycle of a network.
Starting with the pre-sales process, it can be used in a simple and intuitive way for solution design, visualization of detailed success cases and product specifications.
During the deployment process, the self-organizing network technology saves a lot of time, and the automatic configuration and deployment allow it to be used by both Installers and Users with minimal technical knowledge.
For the after-sales process, the system offers remote operations and maintenance, intelligent alarms, and one-click network monitoring.
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