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Products by Tachyon Networks

Tachyon Networks is a provider of fixed and networked wireless connectivity solutions for WISP/ISP and other applications.

Tachyon Networks is a cutting-edge provider of fixed wireless connectivity solutions operating in the 60 GHz band.

Let’s delve into their impressive product lineup:

  1. TNA-301+TNA-302: These industry-leading PTP and PTMP mmwave radios operate in the worldwide unlicensed 60 GHz band. With over 90% of the unlicensed spectrum available in this band, Tachyon Networks delivers a perfect solution for ISPs requiring multi-gigabit fixed wireless access. Key features include:

    • 2.3 Gbps+ throughput

    • 32 clients per sector

    • Range of up to 1 km

    • 3D beamforming for easy installation without precise aiming.

  2. TNA-303X: The newest addition to Tachyon’s 60 GHz product line, the TNA-303X supports the full unlicensed 60 GHz band. Its innovative modular design allows it to:

    • Provide 90° beamforming coverage

    • Convert from a wide beam-steering device to a highly directional one using an antenna kit (sold separately)

    • Achieve a range of up to 6 km.

  3. TNS-100: This 2.5 Gbps industrial PoE switch complements the TNA-300 series radios. It features:

    • 1x 2.5 Gbps multigigabit port with PoE input

    • 4x PoE output ports

    • 10 Gbps SFP+ cage

    • Designed for harsh environments with a temperature range of -30°C to 60°C.

Tachyon Networks’ 60 GHz solutions offer fiber-like speeds, quick installation, and reliable performance without the need for trenching, permits, or licenses. Explore their products and experience the future of wireless connectivity!

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