Base Station 2.4GHz, 2x2 MIMO, 2 x RP-SMA, 1 x Fast Ethernet , 27 dBm TX power

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Data sheet

CPU core number1
CPU Frequency600 MHz
MountingOn pole/wall
Frequency band2,4GHz
Fast Ethernet Ports1
Integrated wireless cardYes
Output power (dBm)27
Wireless standards802.11 b/g/n
Chain number2
PoE inYes (Passive Poe)
Operating temperature -30 ~ 70°C
Input Voltage24VDC

More info

WIS-S2300 is a 2*2 MIMO Hi-Power outdoor wireless base station based on OFDM and TDMA modulation technology. It is a flexible detachable antenna design with high performance, cost-effective and dedicated to long distance wireless network solutions. Featuring the revolutionary WiD TDMA technology, WIS-S2300 helps to get more clients accessed than legacy WiFi technology and greatly improves the network scalability in throughput and latency. The detachable antenna design would help it seamlessly work with Wisnetworks outdoor antennas.
WIS-S2300 is best applied to rural wireless Internet, wireless hotspot and other industrial wireless solutions.

2*2 MIMO with WiD TDMA Technology

The WiD TDMA technology is a huge benefit and allows the scaling of many more clients than legacy 802.11 CSMA. This allows the access point to get up to 100 wireless users while still maintain reliable connections, even in noisy RF environment. In another hand, the 2x2 MIMO technology would help provide maximum 100Mbps+ throughput, thus ensuring enough network bandwidth to every wireless clients.

Incredible Wireless Range

In order to keep stable and robust wireless connection, the WIS-S2300 is integrated with a special power amplifier which can output 27dBm power both at high and low speed rate. Featuring two RP-SMA connectors and special designed mounting kits, WIS-S2300 can easily be attached to Wisnetworks sector, omni, panel and dish antennas, extending the wireless coverage to more than 15km while using Wisnetworks CPE such as WIS-Q2300.

Robust industrial design

With the tough industrial waterproof ABS design, WIS-S2300 can work in various outdoor conditions, in sunshine or rainfall, wind and snow. Besides that with the robust hardware integrated, the base station would survive under 15kV ESD damage and greatly improve the stability of the whole wireless system.

Flexible Passive PoE

The power for the WIS-S2300 is supplied by a power injector using passive PoE technology which is more cost-effective and make it more flexible to deploy the device in outdoor environment. The PoE length is up to 200 feet.

Easy mounting with Wisnetworks antennas

WIS-S2300 provides pole mounting method with mounting kits in package. With our professional extra mounting kits and installation guide you can easily mount it with sector and dish antennas, and make it as a wireless sector base station or an ultra-long range wireless bridge. That would also be the most flexible choice for wireless operators and distributors.

Cost-effective Wireless Solution

Wisnetworks is always dedicated to provide high quality and affordable end-to-end solution to ISP/SI. With WIS-S2300 and Wisnetworks CPE and wireless bridge, you can save up to 50% off for your equipment investment and operating cost while still maintain high reliability of your network and provide high quality wireless services.


  • WiD TDMA greatly improves the network scalability in throughput and latency
  • Compliant with 802.11b/g/n, speed up to 300Mbps
  • Seamlessly work with Wisnetworks sector/dish/omni antenna
  • High output transmission power and receive sensitivity optimized
  • Easy deployment and tilt adjustment with provided mounting kits
  • Passive POE(24VDC) for flexible deployment
  • Weatherproof design with water cover kit
  • Up to 15kV ESD protection




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