Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Mesh 802.11ac access point, 1x Gbit Ethernet, 2x omni antennas

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Antenna gain (dBi)4
Gigabit Ethernet ports1
Wireless standards802.11ac
Dimensions 353 x 46 x 34.4 mm (13.9 x 1.81 x 1.35")
Peso150 g

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The Unifi Mesh access point allows to eliminate the barriers connected to the wireless connection. The modern antennas and the quick assembly system allow to increase the capacity even up to 183 m in a particularly simple way.

UniFi AC Mesh AP is designed to integrate discreetly into any environment. It can be used indoors or outdoors. The unique LED provisioning provides the administrator with location tracking and alerts for each device.

The UniFi AC Mesh AP can be mounted on a wall, pole or Ubiquiti high gain antenna (all accessories are included).

The device is compatible with 802.3af PoE alternative A and 24 V passive PoE. A compatible switch, EdgePoint & trade, can be supplied with an alternative 802.3af; EP-R6, UniFi PoE Switch or the included PoE Gigabit adapter.

Utilizza le antenne omni incluse oppure utilizza fast-mount, l'adattatore incluso per installare l' AP con un'antenna opzionale connettorizzata per una maggiore copertura.

In combination with the airMAX 5 GHz sector antenna UAP-AC-M can be used for example in stadiums.


  • application inside and outside buildings
  • high resistence
  • versatile antenna
  • optimal yield
  • small size
  • many possibilities for feeding
  • flexible assembly

The UniFi WiFi Enterprise System includes UniFi controller software that can be easily accessed through any standard Web browser. The software installs on any Windows, Mac or Linux PC and can be run on-premise, in the private cloud or in a public cloud service. Using the UniFi Controller software, a Wi-Fi business network can be quickly configured and managed without any specific training. Real-time status, automatic detection of UAP devices, map loading, host / hot-spot management, mobile roaming and advanced security options are all seamlessly integrated.


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