RF Elements Horn 30°


RF Elements Symmetrical Horn Gen2, TwistPort Antenna, 5 Ghz, 50°, 14.3 dBi

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Mounting TypeOn pole
Environment workOutdoor
Radiation typeSettoriale V 50° / H 50°
Antenna shapeHorn
Frequency bands5GHz
Peso1,8 kg

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Why Symmetrical Horns?

Symmetrical Horn antennas have symmetrical beam pattern in both horizontal and vertical panes. The beam pattern does not vary with frequency, antenna gain is balanced over wide frequency range. Symmetrical Horn antennas are low loss and have attenuated side radiation lobes. These makes them excellent for use as Sector antennas.

More Coverage Without Null

Symmetrical Sectors cover more area than traditional Sectors with narrow vertical beamwidth. Symmetrical Sectors have no issues with connecting close clients.

Easy Co-Location

As a result of very low sidelobes of horn antennas, Symmetrical Sectors are ideal for cluster deployments and co-location.


TwistPort Connector

Connecting Simper Radios to Sector Antennas is a simple “twist and snap”. Connection with radio is virtually lossless.

Compact and Weatherproof

Symmetrical Sector antennas are compact and easy to mount virtually anywhere. Symmetrical Sectors are made of the best weather resistant materials as aluminium, plastic and st. steel.

HG3 compact
HG3 compact

Easy Installation

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas come pre-assembled from the factory and ready for immediate deployment. The installation is very easy and requires only a single tool.


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