SIMPER Radio 5M-N.HIPO, 802.11n, 600Mhz, 64MB Ram, RoS Level 3, Gigabit Ethernet

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CPU Frequency 600 MHz
CPU core number 1
Usage Outdoor
Gigabit Ethernet ports 1
Frequency band 5GHz
RAM on board 64 MB
Output power (dBm) 30
Wireless standards 802.11 a/n
Chain number 2
License level 4
Dimensions 147 x 147 x 80 mm

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With output power of 1000mW, SIMPER 5M-N.HIPO excels when used for long distance links with high throughput. SIMPER 5M-N.HIPO runs Mikrotik RouterOS, the most advanced wireless OS. It is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet port and can operate in point to point or point to multipoint modes.


Simper is highly scalable concept of simplistic radios combined with wide range of antennas.



Simper comes in multiple models running different OS. No need to migrate to new wireless platform.



Simper is a compact and essentially simple product, delivering the best wireless performances.


TwistPort Connector

Simper radios feature TwistPort Connector, our patent pending quick-locking waveguide port. Connection and disconnection is brilliantly simple and can be done with one hand. TwistPort is the key feature to Simper scalability and performance.


Deployment of Simper radio is a simple "twist and snap" to an antenna.


No Loss

TwistPort connector is virtually lossless. There are no traditional RF connectors or RF Cables, that cause signal loss. TwistPort compatible antenna products include Symmetrical Sectors and UltraDish Antennas.


Cost Effective

Simper is the best cost performing wireless networking product today.



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