Coax cable N Male Clamp + 1m 400_cable + N male Clamp

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Data sheet

connector "A" typeN male
Cable type4in (10mm)
Cable lenght100
Connector "B" typeN male

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Coaxial cable 6GHz high strength, low loss, lenght 1 meter, assembled with connectors N male / N male tightened with keys (Clamped).
The coaxial cables, normally used to connect the antennas with the Access Point, are a critical component as transferring the RF signal at very high frequencies, up to 5.8GHz, the antenna to be radiated in the air; if the cable is not well built or is of poor quality, can lead to significant problems.
E 'need to use quality cables, with connectors tightened with keys (Clamped), such as cables SELIT CV400-NM-NM-x, to minimize potential problems such as:
No more reliable connection after some mechanical stress, especially after a few twists and especially if the connectors are of the "crimp" and not to tighten.
Poor VSWR, on a stable or occasional (for false contacts), which can damage the radio card or worse, de-sensitize its front end.
The cables SELIT CV400-NM-NM-x, are constructed using low-loss coaxial cable with a diameter of 10mm and the N-type male connectors with screw clamping to ensure optimal contact and stable in time of the external braid of the cable.
To maintain the electrical and mechanical properties, caution is recommended when handling the cables themselves avoiding excessive twisting, sharp bends and anyway all the stresses that can alter the coaxial cable.
When used in outdoor environment is recommended the connector cover with ribbon agglomerating (vulcanizing) and insulating tape of good quality in order to ensure a perfect seal against infiltration of water and moisture.
The cables coassaiali SELIT CV400-NM-NM-x, handled and installed by following these simple rules, ensure a transfer of the RF signal from the apparatus radio antenna with minimum loss and maximum reliability.

Key Features

  • Connectors N male screw for high mechanical strength
  • Excellent VSWR and low loss of passage
  • Operating frequency up to over 6GHz
  • 1 meter lenght


  • RF connection between Radio equipment and antennas
  • Connection Radio equipment / Splitter or Splitter / Antennas
  • RF connection generic up to 6GHz

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