HSU RW-5525-2C50 Radwin 5000 JET


RADWIN HSU 525 ODU, connectorized CPE, 2x N-female connectors

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Product Description

RW-5525-2C50 Subscriber Unit (HSU) provides high capacity access connectivity of up to 25 Mbps net aggregate throughput (upgradable up to 100Mbps with software license)
RW-5525-2C50 supports 5.1 to 5.8 GHz and complies with ETSI regulations.
The unit comes with 2x N-Female connectors.


Product Highlights

• Up to 25 Mbps net aggregated throughput
• Long range
• Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) per HSU
• Exceptional short and constant latency
• Advanced MIMO, OFDM and Diversity technologies
• Robust and reliable operation in harsh conditions, extreme temperatures and non-line-of-sight scenarios
• Ease of operation and maintenance


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