Tachyon Networks TNA-AK-S-45 60GHz 45°x10° Sector Antenna for TNA-303x Radio


TNA-AK-S-45 60GHz Optional Antenna for Radio  TNA-303x, Sectorial, Aperture 45°x10°

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Mounting TypeOn pole
Environment workOutdoor
Antenna gain (dBi)25
PolarizationInherited from Radio
Radiation typeSectorial
Frequency bands60GHz
Antenna typeLens
Ant. Horizontal Beamwidth45°
Vertical Beamwidth10°

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§  Extended Range Connections - Tachyon Networks offers a range of highly directional antenna Kits that can be used in a Point to Point (PTP) setup or as a client in a Point to Multipoint (PTMP) setup. When paired with a compatible TNA radio, this combination creates a very focused connection that is highly resilient to interference and greatly increases distances.

§  Wide Scanning Options - The Tachyon Networks “S” series line of antenna kits are first of its kind (Patent Pending) that preserve the azimuth scanning of the attached, compatible TNA radio while greatly increasing the antenna gain. While elevation scanning is reduced, this combination is perfect where elevation changes are not severe and results in longer, more robust connections.



§  Modular Design - The Tachyon Networks antenna kits can be paired with compatible TNA radios in a modular fashion allowing the installer to choose the antenna with the right gain, scanning, and physical properties for each installation. Attaching the antenna kit is a breeze and is quick and easy, greatly speeding up installation time.

§  Wide Range of Options - Tachyon Networks antenna kits are available in a wide array of different sizes, antenna gains, and beam steering features enabling diverse networks to be built with exactly the right specifications. With some antenna kits supporting wide scanning and other providing highly focused




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