Tachyon Networks TNA-303x 60GHz PTP/PTMP 2+Gbps Outdoor Modular radio


TNA-303x Modular Wireless 60GHz AP/Client Outdoor, 2+Gbps, 1x 2.5GBE, 1x GE, PoE in/out

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Data sheet

Environment workOutdoor
Antenna shapePatch Array
Frequency bands60GHz
Gigabit Ethernet ports1
PoE inPassive PoE 38-52V
Dimensions13 x 12 x 5,5 cm
Operating temperature-30°C +60°C
PoE outYes (passive PoE)
materialDie cast aluminium
Ant. Horizontal BeamwidthBeamforming 90°
Vertical BeamwidthBeamforming 50°
PoE out Numbers1
2,5Gbps Ethernet Port1

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Tachyon Networks is a manufacturer of fixed 60GHz freeband wireless connectivity solutions and other network applications for WISP/ ISP distributed in Italy by Selit srl, a company with more than 24 years of experience in professional Telecommunications, and available for purchase online B2B site www.wirmax.net.


Tachyon Networks 60GHz Scalable Modular System

 The Tachyon Networks TNA-303x series with AK series accessories constitute a Modular and Scalable Wireless system operating in the 60GHz Free band with unique features.

The system consists of a TNA-303 Radio that can operate autonomously as an Access Point or “Base” Client, onto which AK series antennas can be “grafted” in order to build a 60GHz system with different apertures and gains according to specific needs for both Point-to-Point long-distance and Point-to-Multipoint links with different antenna apertures.

TNA-303x Base

The 60GHz radio model TNA-303x has been engineered with a concept of scalability and modularity to independently fulfill “Basic” functionality but also more advanced functionality using AK series accessories.

Tachyon Networks TNA-303x has unique hardware features such as a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port with PoE in, a second Gigabit Ethernet port with PoE out, a Total capacity of more than 2Gbps, ability to associate 32 Clients, a compact Aluminum enclosure with integrated phased array 3D beamforming antenna with 16dBi gain and 90° (Azimuth) and 50° (Elevation) aperture.

The TNA-303x can be configured as an Access Point or Client in the 57-71GHz band and offers capacity up to more than 2Gbps with Fiber-like characteristics over distances up to 3km(*) without the need for excavation, permitting or licensing, all with fast and easy targeting using 3D beamforming technology.

The scanning phased array antenna has 16 dBi gain with an aperture of +/- 45° (90° total) in the horizontal plane (azimuth) and +/- 25° (50° total) in the vertical plane (elevation); The “Beam size” of 30° (azimuth) x 30° (elevation).

(*) Max Distance on channel  5 and 6 with TNA303+AK-300 Client

AK series Optional Antennas

The following Optional antennas can be installed on the TNA303x Base Radio according to specific requirements.

Use Tachyon Link Budget Calculator tool to see if the TNA-30x family is suitable for your installation.

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