SPR4965-D6G30L6-MX 30dBi antenna with “Twist-On” Mimosa mount


90cm 34dBi Selit Dish Antenna for Mimosa Networks C5x C6x B5x frequency 4.9-6.5GHz Dual Pol.

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Data sheet

Mounting TypeOn pole
Environment workOutdoor
Antenna gain (dBi)30
PolarizationDual Slant +/- 45°
Radiation typeDirectional
Antenna shapeParabolic dish
Frequency bands4.9 ÷ 6.5GHz
RF Connectors TypeMimosa X
DimensionsDiameter 60 cm
Operating temperature-40°C to +70°C (-32°F to +158°F)
Diametro paloΦ30 - Φ80 mm
Ant. Horizontal Beamwidth
Vertical Beamwidth
5 GHz Yes/No

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Selit SPR4965-D6G30L6-MX

Selit SPR4965-D6G30L6-MX is a dual-polarized parabolic antenna with 60cm diameter and 30dBi gain, 4.9 to 6.5GHz operating band and “Twist-on” port for direct grafting of C5x B5x and C6x Mimosa radios.
Polarization, with radio in upright position, is ±45°and enables high performance in Wireless links due to increased interference reduction.

Thanks to  modular “segmented” die-cast aluminum construction with quick and easy assembly, Shipment costs are reduced without compromising robustness.
SPR4965-D6G30L6-MX is equipped with a sturdy pole bracket with ±15° Tilt adjustment and AISI 304 stainless steel hardware.

An optional ABS radome is available for weather protection even for high-altitude installations. The antenna is suitable for all professional Radio applications over medium and long distances up to over 30Km. 




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