RF Elements HG3-TP-A20-30 Asymmetrical Horn 30°


RF Elements HG3-TP-A20-30 5GHz 30° 20.5dBi Asymmetrical Horn Antenna with Twistport Connector

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Mounting TypeOn pole
Environment workOutdoor
Antenna gain (dBi)20.5
Radiation typeSettoriale H 30° / V 20°
Antenna shapeHorn
Frequency bands5GHz
Dimensions393x347x318 mm
Operating temperature-35°C to +55°C
Peso1,4 kg
Diametro palo22-80 mm

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30° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna


RF Elements HG3-TP-A20-30 30° Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna combines the best of two world; the high gain of a Traditional sector antenna and zero side lobes of a horn.  Its radiation pattern is wide in azimuth and narrow in elevation plane, greatly im proving coverage planning Options.

HG3-TP-A20-30 Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna exceeds the traditional patch sector antenna thanks to high stability of gain and radiation pattern in the whole band of operation. Outstanding noise rejection and precision of radiation pattern favors 30° Asymmetrical Horn TP antenna for high-density AP clusters, in highly populated areas and dense co-location sites.

This Antenna features revolutionary TwistPort™ RF Elements connector - a patent-pending twist-and-lock waveguide port. HG3-TP-A20-30 supports a wide range of third party mainstream radios with our TPA TwistPort™ Adaptor. BeamSwitch™ feature enables mounting the antenna with 90 degrees rotation by swapping the position of the handle and the bracket. HG3-TP-A20-30 can thus provide 20 degrees azimuth and 30 degrees elevation beam width.


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