SPR4965-D9G34+R Solid Dish antenna with radome 4.9-6.5GHz 90cm 34dBi


5GHz Solid Dish Antenna with Radome, Dual Slant ±45° o V/H, Freq. 4.9-6.5GHz, Gain 34dBi, Ø 90cm

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Data sheet

Mounting TypeOn pole
Environment workOutdoor
Antenna gain (dBi)34
Radiation typeDirectional
Antenna shapeSolid Dish Parabolic with Radome
Frequency band4.9 ÷ 6.5GHz
RF Connectors Type2 N Female
DimensionsDiameter 90 cm
Operating temperature-40°C to +70°C (-32°F to +158°F)
Diametro paloΦ30 - Φ80 mm
Ant. Horizontal Beamwidth3,5°
Vertical Beamwidth3,5°
Banda 5 GHz

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SPR4965-D9G34+R  is a professional parabolic antenna of 90cm  diameter, a gain of 34dBi and an operating band of 1.6GHz from 4.9 to 6.5GHz. It is provided with UV resistant ABS radome.

The parabolic shape with Prime Focus “Cassegrain” technology and the Double Polarization  with Dual Slant V / H or ± 45 °, allow a greater reduction of interfering signals compared to other types of antenna which result in better performance on connections.

Thanks to a particularly sturdy construction consisting of a molded aluminum reflector, a reinforced painted steel bracket with fine Tilt adjustment, galvanized screws, ABS UV resistant cone Radome, it is suitable for use in the most severe environmental conditions even in high altitude.

These features make it particularly suitable for use in high capacity point-to-point wireless links over medium / long distances, wireless backbones for data transport and similar applications in the professional broadcasting.

SPR4965-D9G34 caratteristiche+applicazio

SPR4965-D9G34 plot_ITA.jpg

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