Alcoma MP400 Licence Free 17 or 24GHz Radio Link up to 920Mbps, Full Duplex,  *configurable*

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Data sheet

Mounting On pole
Polarization Dual
Usage Outdoor
Antenna type Antenna only
Radiation type Directional
Antenna shape Parabolic dish
Frequency band 17 GHz
Output power (dBm) 12 dBm Max
Operating temperature -45 °C +55 °C

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ALCOMA AL17F version MP400 is compact, easy to deploy and cost effective radio relay link suitable for both last miles and backbone links. It can be used for inter-connecting PBXs and building LANs, MANs and WANs with transfer rate up to 920+920Mbps.
AL17F and AL24F MP400 are license free types working on 17 and 24 GHz bands. Same equipments are available also on others licensed and unlicensed bands from 4 to 24GHz

The equipments uses full duplex FDD technology which ensures low latency and high-capacity data transport. The entire link is integrated in the outdoor unit (ODU). The indoor unit terminal box, with surge protection and earthing terminal, is used as IDU.
The ODU is connected to the indoor Terminal Box by an S-STP cat.7 ethernet cable up to 100m in length who carries data and power supply with POE system. An optical interface is provided optionally to ensure total data immunity from any disturbance in any situation.
The equipments incorporates a powerful "Trellis Coded Modulation" with Concatenated "Reed-Salomon" error correction to ensure low residual BER<10–13 and high quality/Signal under all weather conditions.
SNMP protocol ver. 1, WEB interface, command line interface and proprietary network management system ASD with SQL database can be used for remote diagnostics and maintenance.

Prices and Options:

The price refers to a standard link consisting of 2x ODU with 1 Gigabit Ethernet, 2x Terminal Box with 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface, 2x high-performance ETSI Class2 antennas and 2x software licenses with 50Mbps capacity.
You can customize the link by selecting the different options available according with your preference or need.
The ethernet cables S-STP cat.7 and the optical fiber cables for outdoor, already assembled out with connectors LC-LC and LC-LC/Molex IP68, are available in the specific section of the site.
Below are listed the available options with a short description. Other options, not available for online purchasing, are available upon request.
Antenna A / B : Antenna opzionale Classe 3 (migliore soppressione dei lobi secondari) selezionabile per ogni lato del link.

SW Setup : The basic software configuration for the full link (transparent bridge).
Band : Select the desired Frequency band (17 o 24GHz)
MP400 Licenze : Available license levels (price for 2 licenses).
ODU A / B: Optional ODU with 1 Gigabit port + 1 FO SingleMode 1310nm, selectable for each side of the link.
The prices of the selected options are in addition to the price of the basic link.

Main Features

  • License free 17 / 24 GHz band
  • Transmission capacity up to 920+920 Mbps (Full Duplex)
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Full Outdoor conception
  • Full overvoltage protection
  • Modulation type QPSK to 1024 QAM
  • Software configurable
  • Hitless Adaptive coding & modulation (ACM)
  • Forward error correction (FEC)
  • Automatic TX power control (ATPC)
  • Network management system (NMS) with SQL database
  • IP-STACK with SNMP protocol
  • Compact High gain 35cm Antenna


  • Unlicensed band High capacity, low latency PTP radio link 
  • Outdoor, medium range licence free Backaul