Mimosa A5c - Access Point KIT

Kit with: AP Mimosa A5c + MTI double dual slant antenna with mount + AP mount + 4 RF cable N-Type


Base Station kit PtMP connections

Il Kit è formato dai seguenti prodotti:

Access Point Mimosa A5c

Sector antenna MTI 5 GHz, 16.5dBi, 65° beamwidth, Double Dual Slant

Pole / Antenna Mounting kit

Mounting kit to secure the Access Point on the antenna back panel

4 x 1 meter cable with N-Type connector


Connectorized Access Point 4x4:4 Mimo 5Ghz, 4900-6200 MHz, 30 dBm.

Super for Sectors

With the fastest client speeds, access point capacity are combined with local and network wide spectrum reuse, the Mimosa A5c delivers the highest possible scale for any unlicensed fixed wireless network.

Fiber Speed Access at a Fraction of the Cost

With client speeds capable of 500 Mbps+, and access point capacity up to 1.5 Gbps delivers the speeds consumers and business users demand at a fraction of the cost of delivering Fiber to the Premises.

Increased Capacity at each Site

With integrated high precision GPS Sync technology, new A5c sectors can easily be added at existing deployed Mimosa A5 and B5 site and reuse the same channel. This saves valuable, scarce unlicensed spectrum resources when new A5c devices need to be installed "back-to-back" on the same tower or pole.

Network Scalability Perfected

Unique integrated high precision GPS Sync* technology in each Mimosa A5c allows every deployed device to be collaboratively synchronized across the network. This allows easy channel reuse to save valuable spectrum network wide, and together with the Mimosa Cloud is incredibly simple to deploy and optimize network spectrum use and performance across all your deployed devices.
*GPS Sync software available Fall 2016

Ultra Capacity TDMA

Time Division Multiplexed Access techniques have proven to provide significant improvements when scaling the number of clients, versus Carrier Sensing approaches used in the Wi-Fi technologies. When further optimized by dynamically allocating timeslots and supporting Multi-User MIMO in the downstream direction, and allocate upstream timeslots upon client request, network scale, spectrum efficiency and access point utilization are optimized to the highest degree possible.
*TDMA software available Fall 2016

Massive Sector Capacity

A5c is the first outdoor 4x4:4 solution leveraging advanced antenna beamforming and Multi-User MIMO technology. With 4 integrated collaborative antennas, the A5c creates separate "beamforms" to target each client uniquely. Meanwhile a second unique beamform can target a second client simultaneously, getting twice the performance out of the channel.

Working above the noise

Advanced Auto-Gain Control (AGC) techniques automatically squelch out underlying interference with only 10 dB operating margin required to deliver incredible client performance

Ultra Rugged

Carrier grade IP67 design allows the A5c to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions.

Add Subscribers with Ease

Install, aim and go! Our multipoint solution is designed to instantly securely add C5 client devices to any Mimosa A5c on your network automatically with 1-click authentication. We've eliminated manual installation and pre-provisioning complexity, letting you focus on adding subscribers quickly.


       Mount                                  Aim                        1-Click connect           New Happy Customer


MountingOn pole
Gigabit Ethernet ports1
Frequency band5GHz
Integrated wireless cardYes
Output power (dBm)30
Chain number4x4:4
ConnectorsCopper (RJ45)
PoE inYes (Passive Poe)
connector "A" type4 x N
IP protectionIP67

MTI Adapting plate for Mimosa A5C

The MTI IK44095000C adapter plate provide to secure the Mimosa Access Point A5C directly on the back panel of Mti MT-464042/ND/B saving space on the pole.

4.9-5.9 GHz, 16.5dBi 65º Double Dual Slant Sector Antenna,  4 x N-Type connector

The Mti MT-464042/ND/B is a sector antenna 5GHz with 65° of beamwidth, 16.5 dBi of gain, double dual slant. Is the perfect match with the new Mimosa A5c Access Point (Mounting kit for secure the Access Point on the back panel of the antenna available separetly or in a kit) the antenna is expecially designed for 4x4:4 MIMO (MU-MIMO) application and have 4 x N-Type connector.


MountingOn pole
PolarizationDouble Dual Slant
Antenna gain (dBi)16.5
Antenna typeAntenna only
Radiation typeSectorial
Antenna shapePanel
Frequency band5GHz
Dimensions371 x 371 x 371 mm
Peso2 Kg

MTI Mounting Kit for Sector MIMO 4x4 antenna MT-464042NDB

Mounting kit for MT-464042NDB flat panel antenna on pole form 1" to 3" of diameter


MountingOn pole/wall
Peso0.86 Kg
Diametro palo1"÷3"

Coax cable N Male Clamp + 1m 400_cable + N male Clamp


Coaxial cable 6GHz high strength, low loss, lenght 1 meter, assembled with connectors N male / N male tightened with keys (Clamped).
The coaxial cables, normally used to connect the antennas with the Access Point, are a critical component as transferring the RF signal at very high frequencies, up to 5.8GHz, the antenna to be radiated in the air; if the cable is not well built or is of poor quality, can lead to significant problems.
E 'need to use quality cables, with connectors tightened with keys (Clamped), such as cables SELIT CV400-NM-NM-x, to minimize potential problems such as:
No more reliable connection after some mechanical stress, especially after a few twists and especially if the connectors are of the "crimp" and not to tighten.
Poor VSWR, on a stable or occasional (for false contacts), which can damage the radio card or worse, de-sensitize its front end.
The cables SELIT CV400-NM-NM-x, are constructed using low-loss coaxial cable with a diameter of 10mm and the N-type male connectors with screw clamping to ensure optimal contact and stable in time of the external braid of the cable.
To maintain the electrical and mechanical properties, caution is recommended when handling the cables themselves avoiding excessive twisting, sharp bends and anyway all the stresses that can alter the coaxial cable.
When used in outdoor environment is recommended the connector cover with ribbon agglomerating (vulcanizing) and insulating tape of good quality in order to ensure a perfect seal against infiltration of water and moisture.
The cables coassaiali SELIT CV400-NM-NM-x, handled and installed by following these simple rules, ensure a transfer of the RF signal from the apparatus radio antenna with minimum loss and maximum reliability.

Key Features

  • Connectors N male screw for high mechanical strength
  • Excellent VSWR and low loss of passage
  • Operating frequency up to over 6GHz
  • 1 meter lenght


  • RF connection between Radio equipment and antennas
  • Connection Radio equipment / Splitter or Splitter / Antennas
  • RF connection generic up to 6GHz


connector "A" typeN male
Connector "B" typeN male
Cable type4in (10mm)
Cable lenght100